Post Office Box 50123
Midwest City, OK 73140
Tel: 877-415-7258
Fax: 877-485-3554
E-Mail: info@ilovesoulfood.com

The Kinfolks Soul Food Festival will provide your business with the best possible marketing solution to enhance visibility by using high end professionals that draw incredible attention to your brand and services.  This will allow you the customer to boost your presence in any form, from data accumulation to display booths; we can keep eyes glued to you at all times.  With no risk and unparalleled results, we can stand behind the scene knowing you are the scene.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Media – Mentions on Radio & TV commercials from multiple stations within a 150 mile radius.
  • Web – Large Banner on event website with a hyperlink to your company’s site.
  • Print – Logo in all newspapers, magazines, posters & flyers distributed throughout multiple cities and all surrounding counties within a 150 mile radius.
  • Signage – Large banners display on site.
  • Billboard Exclusive Brand Exposure
  • Article in Event Brochure.
  • Stage Announcements.
  • Promotional Tent.
  • General Admission Tickets.
  • VIP Tickets.
  • Hospitality Tent.
  • Back Stage Passes.
  • Meet and Greet

Benefits of The Kinfolks Soul Food Festival

  • Employment – The festival employs over 200 people, within each city, in the areas of staging, sound, lighting, event staffing, transportation, street promotions, security, EMS, clean up, etc.
  • Marketing Opportunity – The festival exposes your brand through the power of radio, TV, and print promotion to over 6 million consumers
  • Website Visibility – The official website of the Soul Food Festival is www.ilovesoulfood.com, which averages over 3 million hits per year
  • Festival on-site visibility – effectively reaching a captive audience of approximately 10,000 affluent consumers in one event
  • Information Booths – Promoting awareness in the field of education, nutrition, housing, health and professional career building
  • Economic Impact – The festival brings revenue to City Businesses such as grocery stores, hotels, gas stations, beauty and barber shops, department stores, car rental agencies and the city itself as it relates to all the above paying taxes.
  • Grammy award winning entertainment – Artist consist of top 40 classic R&B and Jazz, catering to an audience between the ages of 30-65
  • Affordable ticket prices – $0 – $70
  • Community Connection – The festival supports various Community Resource Agencies through complimentary tickets and/or financial contributions.
  • Musical therapy for the mind, body and soul – Music is the universal language and plays such an important and meaningful role in the lives of many people.

The Kinfolks Soul Food Festival