We love for you to have a successful experience while vending at the Soul Food Festival events. Your temporary set-up and any overflow should be strategically constructed within your reserved space. Any overflow of excessive equipment set-up in an un-permitted area could cost you your deposit. Not abiding by any one of these rules are grounds for dismissal the day of the show.

  • Please print, fill out and fax form to 877-485-3554.
  • Force majeure – Neither party shall be liable to the other for any delay nor failure of performance due to government action, court order, civil disturbance, inclement weather, act of God, or other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is delayed or prevented. There will be NO REFUNDS made for spaces once you have been accepted as a participant in The Soulfood Festival.
Please read and follow all of the specific City Vendor Rules as set by specific County that is hosting the event. For more information contact us at info@ilovesoulfood.com



Craft Vendor Booth – $265.00

Business Vendor Booth – $265.00

Non-Alcohol Drink Booth – $515.00

Food Vendor Booth – $515.00

Trailer Vendor Booth – 765.00


Please print, fill out and fax form to 877-485-3554.

Augusta, GA

County Health Department (Columbia County, GA)

County Fire Department (Columbia County, GA)

Vendor’s Standard Operating Procedures

  • Fax your Application no later than one week of the Show to 877-485-3554
  • Fax your Certificate of Insurance along with your Application to 877-485-3554 Contact the local City Health Department for a Temporary Food Permit
  • Contact the local Fire Department for Propane Tank Usage Permit
  • Adhere to the local City Temporary Tent Rules, Ordinances, and Regulations
  • Select space size 10×10 ($500.00) or 10×20 Trailer ($750.00)
  • Non-Alcohol Liquid Sales ($500.00)
  • Food or Craft Vending Fee deadline is Wednesday, 3 days before the Show
  • Submit a $250.00 blank money order Clean Up Deposit during Vendors Meeting
  • Check out with the Vending Coordinator before you leave the premises
  • Merchandise must be approved by the Soul Food Festival Director of Operations
  • Booth Set-up available on Friday night after Vendors Meeting (based on location)
  • Booth must be set-up by 1:00 p.m. day of the Show for Fire Marshall Inspection
  • Vending start time will be when the “Doors Open” (time based on location)
  • Vending end time will be at the close of the Show (time based on location)

*Price does not include health department fees, facility fees or business license fees.