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America: the beautiful! America: the land of opportunity! America: the land of the free and the home of the brave! America is all these things and more, and one of the things that has helped make our country great is the food that has nourished our bodies and fed our souls for 400 years.

With this thought in mind, it is my sheer delight to present to you the three-day Soul Food Music Festival and share the many opportunities of which your organization may want to take advantage of. The year 2019 will mark the commemoration of 400 years wherein the aroma of soul food cooking has permeated the rolling hills, the snow-capped mountains, the ever-low valleys and every possible geographical locale of these great United States of America. Believing in Forever, Inc., an organization whose objective is to create platforms from which the general public can come and retrieve life changing knowledge as it relates to history, health & wellness, technology, family intervention, financial literacy, professional career building and workforce development, understands the importance of the role that has been played in this milestone. As such, we have, since 2005, created a platform that has touched thousands of lives in nearly every major metropolitan city in America.

This exciting commemoration, because it marks 400 years of soul food in America, will be beyond spectacular. In fact, we expect this year’s festivities to be the best ever. You now have the opportunity to take advantage of this historical experience as a partner as we begin a nationwide tour beginning in April of 2019. Shared herein are the many opportunities that are available.

The soul food music festival Community Impact

  • Employment
    The festival employs over 400 community citizens to assist in the areas of set up & breakdown, staging, sound & lights, event staffing, transportation, ground promotions, police, security, EMS, clean up, etc. 
  • Information Booths
    Promoting awareness in the field of education, nutrition, housing, health and wellness, family intervention, financial literacy and professional career building.
  • Economic Impact
    The festival will average a $1.5 million economic impact in each hosting city of the 2018 calendar. An average of 3500 out of town attendees spends a minimum of $450 patronizing city attractions such as restaurants, shopping malls, department stores, grocery stores, hotels, gas stations, beauty and barber shops, car rentals agencies and many other City attractions.
  • Local Participation
    Many of the local Restaurants & Businesses will have an opportunity to showcase their business in the following manner; On-site banner placement - Participate as a vendor – Become a ticket outlet in which your place of business will generate traffic through media advertisement in which your business will receive $2 per ticket sold.
  • Musical therapy for the mind, body and soul Music is the universal language and plays such an important and meaningful role in the lives of many people. Experts on health and welfare suggest that music could be prescribed as a treatment because of the enormous positive impact it has on mental health and well-being. According to Music and Health, music has been used to support those suffering from Dementia and brain injuries by mental health service providers around the world. In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, conducted a pilot study to determine whether group music therapy is effective in improving depression, anxiety and relationships in psychiatric patients. They found that both active involvement (participating in playing of the instruments) and passive involvement (attending a music festival) provided a calming effect and invited the patients to visualize reassuring thoughts producing a state of mental relaxation. Numerous scholarly journal articles highlight the positive effects of music therapy. Used in various settings with different patient types, entertainment has been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve tension, alleviate stress and enhance one’s mood.​
  • Affordable ticket prices
    Prices range from $0 - $70