Nashville TN Soul Food Festival 3 Day Event
01 Jan 1970 |


sf_newlogoThe Soul Food Festival is an inviting event that highlights the aroma of traditional soul food cooking in the air while bringing together families & friends in an outdoor social setting for a day of reunion, information and live national award winning entertainment. The festival is presented by The Kinfolks Foundation Inc., an organization whose objective is to create platforms from which the general public can come and retrieve life changing knowledge as it relates to Health & Wellness, Education, Housing, Financing, Business & Workforce development.

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The Festival supports various community resource agencies through complimentary tickets and/or financial contributions with particular focus on battered women. The festival provides a positive focus and safe environment where these women can come and receive therapy for the mind, body and soul. Experts on health and welfare suggest that music entertainment could be prescribed as a treatment because of the enormous positive impact it has on mental health and well-being. According to Music and Health: Current Developments in Research and Practice, music has been used to support those suffering from Dementia and/or brain injuries by mental health service providers around the world. In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Dr.’s Choi, Lee and Lim, conducted a pilot study to determine whether group music therapy is effective in improving depression, anxiety and relationships in psychiatric patients. They found that both active involvement (participating in playing of the instruments) and passive involvement (attending a music concert) provided a calming effect and invited the patients to visualize reassuring thoughts producing a state of mental relaxation. Numerous scholarly journal articles highlight the positive effects of music therapy. Used in various settings with different patient types, entertainment has been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve tension, alleviate stress and enhance one’s mood

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